Multiple links NOT working


Please answer the following questions.

  1. Ambari - Where can I find the link for Ambari service.
  2. I am not able to view the video embedded in the Workshop Videos section, please provide the correct links (see attached image)
  3. The code repository gist links in the link is not viewable, please provide one for the section “Getting Started - Apache Kafka”
  4. Is it possible to access the brokers in Kafka Cluster. What are the credentials to do so?

Thank You!
Ranjith Gonugunta!

Hi @Ranjith_Gonugunta,

We have recently moved to the new cluster, which is built using an open-source stack with. Currently, we have 7 nodes in the new cluster. And they are more powerful than earlier. Cluster details are like below or you can view the cluster details from grafana and use your lab credentials to log in to grafana.

2 Gateways, 2 Master nodes, and 3 Worker nodes

Hi Avinash,

I sincerely request the support team to answer all the questions when you get to a support ticket, it is very frustrating to wait while it is being queued up and answered and to find only one of the question gets answered. Kindly understand the concern. Durga’s videos are out there for free in YouTube, it is this course material and support is what we pay for. Just FYI, I have the lab access even before I brought the course.

Thank You!
Ranjith Gonugunta