Must needed help for many job aspirants in Hadoop/Bigdata

Can Anyone who is Working in Hadoop or Bigdata projects . Kindly let us know , What is the flow of Hadoop project in your company (Not required company name and project details) . I personally atleast 15 people of this category . Please pls help .

Example : Top to end of the Project .
Data size , What are tools you are using day to day routine . What are the roles and responsibilities .

Some Question and FAQ’s :

1.What are the things I need to learn in Java for complete beginner in Java .
2.Is it Ok to start directly Spark + scala without having knowledge in Java .
3. are we able to survive in Industry without Java experience .

Please spare some time for this . If anyone who is having good knowledge . Please help us …

List few real time scenarios/issues you face when you are working .

@itversity : Please spare sometime or please point someone help fellow aspirants Sir . Thanks a lot .
@moderators , @ravi.tejarockon can anyone of you able to help guys here ?

Guys pls let me know if you have any alternate questions similar to this question . Instead of creating I can make a edit in the same .

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1.What are the things I need to learn in Java for complete beginner in Java .
You have to focus on core java
2.Is it Ok to start directly Spark + scala without having knowledge in Java .
Yes, one can learn Scala and then Spark without having knowledge in java
3. are we able to survive in Industry without Java experience .
Yes, programming language knowledge is key. It can be Java, Python, Scala etc. But Java is still prominent programming language. If you know Java, it will help you in many ways.

Thanks for the reply @itversity . I’d like to know the real time scenario of day to day example (starting from the project you received and what are implementations you do to send the report to the client ) Please understand it will be useful for many .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who can help fellow aspirants to know what is happening inside the team.Without knowing these basic it is real tough to get a Job in any company. @itversity , @moderators . Kindly consider the request .

@Raj, Oh Boy, such a tough question. Let me phrase a funny quote, “BigData and Hadoop in industry is like Unicorns. Everyone knows them, talks about it but no one has seen it” Just kidding, its just a metaphor. It’s been 1.5year i am preparing for Hadoop, trained, certified and doing a job as an Data Engineer by career transmission from Mainframes developer to Hadoop Developer.

Before i secured a job, i mean till last month. I haven’t met or spoke with any guy with Real Hadoop experienced. (might be i’m bad in professional networking) Only genuine person i know is Durga Sir. I’m glad i got such an good guidance by his content… As far in my network, there are few ppl working in MNCs on Hadoop, i’m not commenting or criticizing, they are not utilizing Hadoop extensively. Very less team size, whatever the projects they are running is not to be actual Hadoop projects, but MNC’s are investing in Hadoop to make some POCs to impress clients and get projects and billing. Which is not happening in few MNC’s. Not to discourage buddy, Good news is ahead, on the contrary, i have seen number of startups utilizing Hadoop eco-system to run their products. Many of them are successful, the guys working in startups on Hadoop are direct hire or outsourced from MNCs.

I have seen few Job Descriptions which are not precise as well. That’s why i said, it’s very tough to answer your question.

P.S: These are my own opinions and not intended to hurt anyone.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to write a such an amazing answer. :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Ravi , can you suggest on how many years of Hadoop experience can one start job-search with?( for an experienced senior IT professional in other tech like mainframe). I understand it depends on preparation. But to start with , how many years of Hadoop exp would be good? jst wanted to know your opinion as you mentioned that you were recently hired .

With relevant 1 year hadoop experience in your total professional experience is sufficient, and as long as you are confident to crack interview. Employers always expects the candidates has good understanding and ability to understand business scenarios and explore technically.


@ravi.tejarockon, Ravi. I also work in mainframe and planning to complete CCA-175 soon. My company may not allocate me to any hadoop related projects. What options do i have then? If you dont mind, can i talk to you? if you are okay, please share your contact number to my email ID:

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