Navigation Copy Paste - Cloudera Cluster

I have a trivial query; Will I be able to use mouse to cut copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) within the cloudera cluster.
For practice I use my own laptop and use notepad+ on windows for editing and then copy the contents in the spark-shell or vi editor of cloudera vm.
Please advice how to speed up the editing in the cloudera environment when giving the certification.

The exam cluster setup is similar to Cloudera VM. So yes you can cut copy paste. I would recommend you use Sublime text for writing the code and copy paste to the terminal.I prefer short cuts ctr+shift+c (copy), shift+ins (paste) which is quicker.

Thanks Alex.

The Cloudera quickstart VM 5.10 I downloaded for practice doesn’t has sublime.
Do I need to download sublime during certification or will it be available on the cluster.

It will be available in the exam. You don’t have to download.