Need a direction on clearing the certifications

Dear Sir,

I am very new to BigData domain. I wanted to transform my career into hadoop/spark ASAP. I can spend 2 to 3hrs per day and on weekends 6 to 8hrs per day. I have basic knowledge on hadoop/spark. No hands-on experience. But I have confidence that I can crack the exams.

  1. By July end I should be ready to clear certification. Is it possible with the hours what i mentioned above?
  2. How to start my preparation to get practical/theoretical grip on topics, before going for certification preparation? what should i follow?
  3. After getting the practical knowledge, what are the playlists I need to follow to clear any one of ccah, hca and hdpcd?
  4. Which is the certification course I can opt initially?

Please Help me…

Yes, Digpath. You should be able to.

You can go through this playlist -