Need help in map reduce program execution

Hi all,

Trying to implement a mr program for schema validation .
any help how to execute this

two files schemavalidation6 and schemavalidation7 are present one has schema and other has data


schemalvalidaton 7

this is the ubunutu terminal execution statement for processing the above mr job

visua@ubuntu:~$ hadoop jar /home/visua/Desktop/schvalidation.jar
/home/visau/Desktop/Schemavalidation7 /home/vis/Desktop/Schemavalidation6 /user/vis/wordcountoutput211

receiving error as below:

Your error is “FileNotfoundException”. Which means the job is expecting a file but it is unable to find it. Hence you are getting this error.

The mr job is expecting the file “Schemavalidation7” in the location home/vis/Desktop. But the file is not present in that location. Please check your input folders properly again.

the file is present in that locaiton ,but i am in doubt if the execution statement is fine

hadoop jar /home/vis/Desktop/schvalidation1.jar /home/vis/Desktop/Schemavalidation7 /home/vis/Desktop/Schemavalidation6 /user/vis/wordcountoutput211

schemavalidaiton7 is schemafile
schemavalidaiton6 is data file

any help