Need Suggestion for CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification

I am planning to take CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification in Feb end,
need suggestion and guidance…
how should i start preparation
also want to know is there any dumps or mock test available for it.

Hello Bharti,
You have come at the right place, ITVersity has excellent course/training on CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer:
Here is the link for that:

Look around, you’ll get all the details needed for the certifications.
You won’t get mocks or dumps around here, we follow the policies put forward by original certifications creator(Cloudera/Hortonworks). But you could look at the examples in the video and get code from GitHub.

Thanks and best of luck :slight_smile:

@sumonipro thank you
I don’t know python nor scala…
I am from java background.
does itversity material is enough to learn python/scala?

You will learn both from certification perspective by following the course.