New user to Lab

Hi Durga ,

I am new subscribed user to lab. Have few questions on the usage…

  1. Can i start/stop any services in ambari.
    2.can I add any new service to the cluster
    3 want to understand and practice kerberos
    Please let us know the limitations of the lab usage.

Pradeep K

This is developer lab, not admin lab. Hence you will not be able to do above mentioned tasks.

Hi Admin, How do we start using this lab, do we have some basic videos on how to use the lab?

All the content in ITVERSITY using cloudera, how do i copy a file from my system, how do i see how the file is copied and all.

I have subscribed for six months and i would like to practice using the java programs. please help me out

Here is the link -

We will update the content shortly.


I have already seen this link, can you help me out how to copy the jar to my personal directory.

I am trying to run the map reduce jars that has been developed in java

Either you need to use scp command or winscp to copy jar file on to gateway node.