Not able to see /user directory in my bigdata-lab console

Not able to see /user dir in my console , for more info you can see attached snapshot

@jayantm1988 Can you let us know why were you looking for /user folder in VM? Or were you you looking for one in HDFS? You can find your home folders in VM and HDFS below:

In VM: /home/your-user-name
In HDFS: /user/your-user-name

Hope this helps!

was watching following video:

there durga mentioned one command , hadoop fs copyFromLocal retail_db /user/dgadiraju. on 9.01.
wanted do same thing but could not even , tried to run command , hadoop fs ls /user/…
but could not see any /user dir .

Please let me know if did something wrong.


Jayant Mishra

@jayantm1988 Durga was accessing his home folder in hdfs /user/dgadiraju01 .

You can find the description of the commands below:

hadoop fs -copyFromLocal retail_db user/dgadiraju01
//Here, Durga was copying retail_db from local to hdfs /user/dgadiraju01

hadoop fs -ls /user/your-user-name
//Here, you are trying to list all files and dirs in your hdfs home directory

Hope this helps!

yes , you are correct . But wanted to say , when run command “hadoop fs -ls /user/my-user-name” .

it should display all files under /user/my-user-name which is provided by lab team . This folder should present by default , but in my case /user folder itself is not there .

@jayantm1988 I could see your home folder in HDFS . Please see the screenshot:

If you still face issue then contact our Admins Durga or Vinay.

Yes , can see through Ambari , but can’t access through console(web console) ??

@itversity, @Vinay Could you please look into this issue?

Could any one of you help me ?

It is already taken care. Closing the issue.