Office Network for Exam

Hi Everyone

I had appreared on CCA 175 on 20 Jan but due to some technical error, my exam is rescheduled.
Now i am thinks to gave this exam from my office network due to more reliability than home network.
Can someone share his experience in this case please ?
What kind of issue i can face using my office environment since the exam is only using browser as per my understanding if i am able to install plugin (screen share ) and able to pass compatibility test , i should be able to gave exam from office network.

Kindly share your thoughts.


Because of network security settings in office after exam is launched you may not be able to see cloudera vm.It happened with me.Had to use wifi hotspot later.

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Hi @vishwanath,
You are right, office network security settings will block the cloudera VM to launch. For most of the companies information security is mandatory. I have a 2 questions for you:

  1. Which network you have used for hotspot?
  2. How much data it has utilized for exam.
    I am also preferring for Hotspot for exam.

@pradeep_singh, Even though the compatibility tests passed, your cloudera VM in chrome may not launch due to many proxy and network security settings. As mentioned by @vishwanath pls go for some Mobile hotspot.

Thank you @vishwanath and @ravi.tejarockon for the help :slight_smile:
I will use my home network for the exam , i hope 4 Mbps plan is enough for the exam.

@ravi.tejarockon ,

I have used airtel hotspot.
Sorry,DId not check on how much data it has used.

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i Think 4MBPS plan will be suffice. Anyways perform compatibility test before exam.