Open Console doesn't have Course window besides Console window


I saw your Lab Intro video, In that I can see the Open console does have Course window beside the console as you mentioned, But when I try to use the open console, it doesn’t have Course window beside the Console. Can you help me on this to get the Course window ?

@smat - You can close and try to open again. If you still face the issue then could you please paste the screen print? and provide your User ID.


I tried couple of times, Still facing the same issue. Below I pasted the screen shot, Pleas check it out UserID - srimat20

@smat - Use the symbol which is present in right side to copy the user/pasword & Ctl+v to past


I can able to login to my account, I am not able to get the Course window, When I click Open Console, It displays only Console window. Please check out the below screenshot.

This Window has both Course and Console, For me the window has only Console as Showed in my previous reply.

@smat - You can follow below link as workaround.


Ok thanks I will follow it, May I know that Course window which comes with Console, Doesn’t work ?

If that works, It would be easy and fast to do the courses and hands-on on another end.

Yes, it is discontinued as our labs is https and blog is http :slight_smile:


Ok, Thank you Sir! :slight_smile: