Organising Topics in Better Way

We can make this community better and easy to explore by following some conventions and one of them is:

Placing Topics in Right Category:
It is very important to place topic in right category and by doing this one can get following benefits:

  1. All topics in community will be in well organised position
  2. One can easily navigate to all topics in his/her desired category at one place
  3. It will help one’s question to reach correct audience and eventually you will find solution to topic quickly

For example we can maintain categories as shown below:
| |____pyspark
| |____scala
| |____java
| |_____MapReduce
| |_____HDFS

The above structure makes one to find pyspark related questions at one place and Hive questions at it’s dedicated category.

I would request site-admin(@itversity , @Vinay ) to give access to moderators/ some users to arrange these topics in right places

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Sure Venkat.

bigdata-labs will have sub categories such as billing issues, technical issues, user authentication etc.

Big Data will have sub categories as you have mentioned. I will make you moderator as well.

Durga Gadiraju