Parquet-tools in bigdata-labs

Hi Durga sir (@dgadiraju),

is it possible to install parquet-tools in the bigdata-labs? As it seems like it is important for CCA175 as well.
I hope you understand why i am requesting this.

Thanks in advance.

avro-tools is important. I am not aware of parquet tools, if there is any we will add.

Yes, similar to avro-tools, there is a parquet-tools, and parquet schema evolution is not in-scope for certification but it will be helpful to workaround with parquet. Kindly refer below link for official documentation.

Ok, thank you. We will set it up.

Hi @ravi.tejarockon. @itversity

Currently i am using parquet in my sqoop script (to import Hive table in parquet format) but not aware of parquet-tools? May I know the advantage of parquet-tools?

I went through the above link but it doesn’t have the information what I am looking for…

@itversity : After you set-up the parquet-tools, Pls share the steps that you have followed.


Hi @saranvisa,

If you are aware about avro-tools that works for avro file, then parquet-tools for parquet file formats. Used for Metadata extraction, data conversions and other.

Yes, we will add parquet tools in the lab and also create some content once lab goes live in January.

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