Passed CCA 175 on 8th Jan 2021

Hello EveryOne ,Durga Sir,

I am happy to share that I have cleared the CCA 175 exam with a score of 7/9. Thanks a lot to Durga Sir.


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Congrats @praveenyab05 .
Is there anything we need to take care while using JDBC to connect to databases? If at all there are questions.

Hi @Sandeep_Shenoy1, There were no such questions at all,all we need to know is ,reading from and writing to differetn file formats, reading and writing data from/to hive tables also. simple joins.


Thanks Again @praveenyab05 for such a quick response. Best of Luck for your future endeavours. By the way, as per the others the concepts of sequence files / windowing /partitioning may not be needed. Was that the case ?

Thank you so much @Sandeep_Shenoy1. Yes, none of them were checked. Neirher sequence file nor windowing/partitioning were asked in the exam, however I was prepared for them too. All the best.

Congratulations! Would you mind sharing some important topics/questions that would definitely help us in preparing for the exam. Thanks in Advance.


Hi @Rizwan_Ullah thanks, we just should cover all the topics mentioned in the cloudera site, I was mailny tested on reading and writing files in different formats and compressions, reading and writing into HIVE tables. Simple joins, and transforming data into specified form before loading them into HDFS. But limiting ourseleves to these might land us into troubles. Better prepare according to topics mentioned in the cloudera site, I mainly depended on Durga Sir’s Spark Excercises and also used Navaneeth Kaur’s practice papers. That was sufficient.

Thanks Again for your prompt responses @praveenyab05

congratulations on getting certified. I wanted to know a few more things about your prep and syllabus.
1)did you solve model questions more or read through the concepts more, if so could you point me to those?
2)could you please link me to the course that has helped you with the latest concepts relevant to the syllabus of the exam.
3)Are spark 1.6 or RDDs necessary for the exam?
4) to what extent do we use scala/python to solve the questions? so far i have only come across spark SQL and DF APIsonly.

Hi @Sindhu_Chowdary,

           I went through the concepts,I wrote exam using pyspark,so you should have the idea of python. Then prepared Spark ,took Durga Sir's CCA175 course. That gives you 95% preparation for exam,it provides both concepts and excercises at the end of the course. I practice them a lot, when I felt I lost some concepts,I went back in the course and gone throught the concepts again. Practiced the excercies repeatedly to maintain the time,as it's crucial during the exam. I practiced Navneeth Kaur's exam papers ,and some other dumps I found online. Learnt many new things while practicing them too.
         Durga Sir,keeps his course uptodate,so you can take his course CCA175,python/scala. I haven't used any RRDs or relied on spark 1.6.
         In exam you  have to use either python or scala languages. I solved all my questions using Spark DF and spark SQL.
        Best of luck,prepare well. Time is crucial.


Thank you so much for your response Praveenya…
If you please don’t mind, I have a few doubt to ask…

  1. Did you use any txt editor in the exam?? like sublime or any other, if so where do we find it?..
    If you had to rewrite the code or first write down your code somewhere then paste it in the Terminal… Could you please let me know who did you go about it…? I understand that (ctrl+v) wouldnt work? is that correct?
    2)can we import sys.process._ to type in the hdfs commands?
    3)and are we allowed to use pen and paper during the exam?
    Thank you in advance. sorry my doubts are very basic

Even I do have the same questions

Hi @Sindhu_Chowdary and @Tisha_Mohammed,

  1. They would provide you the text editor(I don’t remember exactly which one,but I practiced with sublime), well,we will be given access to remote cloudera desktop through website,we are allowed to open only that window, we will have text editor on the desktop of the remote machine,easy to find.
    yes, (ctrl+v) does not work,we have to select the text with the mouse,then copy and paste.
  2. import sys.process. ----- I did not use this at all, instead I used two different terminal,one terminal for running the pyspark scripts, one for checking the file formats and destination folders.
  3. We are not allowed to have anything on the desk we are taking exam,except the laptop on which we are taking exam. so no book and pen. whatever you practice,practice as if you are taking an exam,keep time,practice again and again till you can make it on time(like using the editor to write the script,executing them on the terminal,checking the file formats and destination folders in the other terminal.) Other than that you might face some other issues like adjusting your self to the font and the screen they provide, where you may take some we have to be very mindful of the time, I feel.
    hope this helps. All the best.
    Thanks and Regards,

Thankyou for the info

Hi all,
Is Durga’s Udemy lecture helpful enough? because I noticed that he teaches concepts using Spark 1.6…
I’m using Python.

Is his lecture still great? I am worried that his lecture is outdated…using Spark 1.6.

Hi @trey ,
Sir updated his course too, as far as I know we write CCA 175 either using pyspark or scala. I could clear exam and can say confidently that his course helped me to a great extent to pass the exam.

All the best,


thanks for your reply.
By the way, when you say his updated lecture, does it mean the Scala lecture or Python?
I am worried that one of the lecture is not updated… so please let me know.

Thank you!

@trey, I took pyspark, there were both old and new versions ,I followed only updated modules. Scala, have no idea, but I am sure he would have updated it too.



Sorry for asking bunch of questions… but how do I know which sections are the updated one?

Could you point out which sections I should watch specifically?

  1. Section 1~3, Section 7~18.
  2. just Section 7~18.

Which one is correct??