Payment successful account is not created, need a cloudera setup - pleae help


I have tried creating the account and made payment. It did not work, but deducted money. Could you please help me to get back my money ?

Payment details
For your purchase on February 17, 2017


Monthly subsription for BigData labs for 31 days

$14.95 USD


$14.95 USD

$14.95 USD

@itversity please take a look into the issue

Can someone please have a look on this ? Do I need to repay ?

No, you do not need to pay again. Let me have a look at it.


We will process the refund. What is your actual issue? Not able to create account or cloudera setup?

thank you, after I paid the browser did not go anywhere, what do i need to do ? do I need to pay and wait for the browser to go in to create user page ?

Can you please let me know the payment gateway working fine? so that can pay and start consuming the ItVersityLab ?

No issues with the Payment Gateway. I was able to confirm that there are latest successful payments. Please try and let us know.

I have paid it again and opened a separate thread for it, resulted it same. Let me know I can share the payment details. Can you revert it back. Also, it would be great if someone can assist me to create one for me. I had 2 failed attempts.

Sent you an email. Please call me.

Hi Team,

Payment has been done but when i clicked on create user it stuck. From last half an hour it is creating user.

Please check and let me know how much time it will take ?

Sourabh Grover

@sourabh2331 Your user name was created. Now you can login.

@tchelvan, @perraju

Is the issue resolved? If not, please send the screenshot.

Hi Raju, thanks a lot for helping me on this, yes it’s up and running now.
Thanks and Regards,