Permission Denied when using scoop to import data from mysql to hive db

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I am getting this error when running scoop import to import tables from MySQL db to hive database

Job job_1480307771710_2561 failed with state FAILED due to: Job setup failed : org.apache.hadoop.secur
ity.AccessControlException: Permission denied: user=hardialsingh, access=WRITE, inode="/user/hive/warehouse/hs_retail_stage.db/_temporary/1"

@hardialsingh - Could you please past your sqoop import code

Where are you running this code?

i am running sqoop import in web console terminal

sqoop import --connect “jdbc:mysql://” --username retail_dba --password itver
sity --table departments --as-avrodatafile --warehouse-dir=/user/hive/warehouse/hs_retail_stage.db -m 2

@hardialsingh - You are missing below parameters if you want to import directly into hive tables.

Default it will store into \user\hive\warehouse
you want to store into your database then use
–hive-home /user/hive/warehouse/hs_retail_stage.db
–hive-database hs_retail_stage.db

Below is the reference for more details…

Hope this helps!

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able to run sqoop job now … i was using wrong hive warehouse path it should be /apps/hive/warehouse

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