Permission Issue - copyFromLocal

I am new to hadoop and have been trying to replicate the below steps:

– Create directory cards under home
mkdir cards
– Copy largedeck.txt file to the gateway node and place it in cards directory under home directory
– On lab file is placed under /data directory where any one can read
cp /data/cards/* ~/cards

– If you want to copy other files you have to use scp/winscp from your PC to gateway

– Confirm largedeck.txt is available under your home directory
ls -ltr ~/cards

– Copy directory from your local file system to HDFS
hadoop fs -copyFromLocal ~/cards /user/training/cards

– Validate the directory cards and files are available
hadoop fs -ls -R /user/training/cards

but copy from local is throwing permission denied on the “copyFromLocal” command".

Please provide details on this and let me know what I have been doing wrong.


try copying to your directory instead of training… /user/training/cards to /user/<>