Pig: Playing with piggybank functions

Hi guys,

I’m training my exam so, I have arrived at this part where I will need register, give an alias and execute a jar fucntion in Pig, i would like to know if you could download the piggybank as it’s suggested in Durgas playlist and share the folder with your lab users to play these functions. Please if thats already done sorry and just give me the guidance to reach the folder.

thanks so much

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piggybank is there in the below path :

[jainshanil@gw01 pig-client]$ ls -lrt piggy
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 393725 Aug 25 2016 piggybank.jar
[jainshanil@gw01 pig-client]$
[jainshanil@gw01 pig-client]$ pwd
[jainshanil@gw01 pig-client]$