Please Help Console is running very slow

The command below is taken longer than 10min and it’s still hanging.
spark-shell --master yarn
–conf spark-ui-port=0
–num-executors 10
–executor-cores 2
–executor-memory 3G
–packages org.apache.spark:spark-avro_2.11:2.4.4

NOTE: It is not my internet, I have high-speed internet and I use it to run commands/tasks all day on a work VPN.

even when I ran the command without --packages, it still hangs. Please help

@Paul_Taiwo There is no issue with the labs. It will take bit time to launch spark-shell but not 10 minitus. If the resources are busy and if your application in Accepted state then it may take long time to allocate the resources. You can get the reources utlization from Reource Manager

ok thanks for the update