Programme not reunning perfectly in cluster mode

Hi team,
I am trying to run my data transformation job which written in scala with hive queries inside. below is my configuration of horton work (ambari) hadoop

HDP- HDFS (ver.2.7.3) YARN (ver.2.7.3) MapReduce2 (ver.2.7.3) Tez (ver.0.7.0) Hive (ver.1.2.1000) Spark2 (ver.2.0.0)

When I run my programme in cluster mode, data does not load in hive but same scala jar when I ran on only on master node then it work perfectly.It inserts data in hive tables. There are no exception reported in cluster mode so i can not figure out what is exact issue.

Can you please guide me where I can find root cause of this issue?

Thanks in advance.