Programming Essentials Python - Basic Programming Constructs - Data Types - Commonly Used

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This article provides a beginner-friendly introduction to commonly used data types in Python. From numeric to alphanumeric and collections, we will explore the key concepts with code examples and hands-on tasks to reinforce your learning.

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Key Concepts Explanation

Numeric Data Types

Numeric data types in Python include int for integers, float for floating-point numbers, and complex for complex numbers.

# Numeric data types examples
num1 = 10
num2 = 3.14

Alpha Numeric Data Type

The alpha-numeric data type in Python is represented by str for strings.

# Alpha-numeric data type example
name = "John Doe"

Collections Data Types

Python offers various collection data types such as list, set, dict, and tuple for organizing and storing data.

# Collections data types examples
my_list = [1, 2, 3]
my_set = {4, 5, 6}
my_dict = {'key': 'value'}
my_tuple = (7, 8, 9)

Type Casting and Checking Data Types

You can use the type() function to check the data type of a variable in Python. All data types in Python are implemented as classes, and you can type-cast them using constructors.

# Type casting example
num_str = "10"
num_int = int(num_str)

Hands-On Tasks

Explore and practice the following tasks to solidify your understanding of data types in Python:

  1. Create variables representing different numeric data types and print their types.
  2. Define various collections data types and perform operations like adding, removing, or updating elements.


In this article, we have covered the commonly used data types in Python, including numeric, alpha-numeric, and collections. Practice the concepts through hands-on tasks and stay tuned for more advanced topics on data types and collections. Remember to engage with the community to enhance your Python skills further.

Data Types - Commonly used

Python has several data types which are commonly used. There are advanced data types such as Data Frames as part of modules such as pandas.

  • Numeric - int, float, complex

  • Alpha Numeric - str

  • Collections

    • list

    • set

    • dict

    • tuple

  • type(VARIABLE_NAME) returns the data type of the variable.

  • All the data types are nothing but classes.

  • We can type cast data types by invoking constructor.

We will deep dive into all the above commonly used data types in the subsequent topics in this section as well as topic in subsequent sections. We have tons of material around collections and hence stay tuned.

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