Programming Essentials Python - Batch Operations - Preparing Database

This article provides a step-by-step guide on preparing a database for batch loads. It covers creating tables, loading data from files, and running scripts using Postgres. The article aims to help readers understand the process of setting up a database for batch processing efficiently.

Explanation for the video:
The video linked in the article provides a visual demonstration of the steps involved in setting up a database for batch loads. It complements the text by showing real-time execution of commands and scripts, enhancing the reader’s understanding.

Key Concepts Explanation

Database Setup

In this section, we establish a database connection and configure the environment for batch loads.


Script Execution

We execute scripts to create tables with primary keys and load data into the tables using psql commands.

psql -U retail_user \
  -h localhost \
  -p 5432 \
  -d retail_db \

\i /data/retail_db/create_db_tables_pg.sql

Hands-On Tasks

In this section, readers can perform practical tasks to apply the concepts discussed in the article.

  1. Execute the script to create tables with primary keys.
  2. Load data from files into the created tables.


In conclusion, this article provided a comprehensive guide on setting up a database for batch loads. By following the step-by-step instructions and performing hands-on tasks, readers can gain practical experience in database management. Engage with the community for further learning and practice to enhance your skills in batch processing.

Watch the video tutorial here