Programming Essentials Python - Batch Operations - Recap of Insert

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Key Concepts Explanation

SQL Basics

SQL or Structured Query Language is a standard language used for managing relational databases. It allows users to query and manipulate data efficiently.

SELECT * FROM users;

INSERT Statement

The INSERT statement is used to add new records to a table in a database. It can insert one record or multiple records at a time.

    (user_first_name, user_last_name, user_email_id, user_password, user_role, is_active)
    ('Gordan', 'Bradock', '', 'h9LAz7p7ub', 'U', true),
    ('Tobe', 'Lyness', '', 'oEofndp', 'U', true),
    ('Addie', 'Mesias', '', 'ih7Y69u56', 'U', true);

Hands-On Tasks

  1. Execute the SQL queries to insert new records into the users table.
  2. Run the SELECT * FROM users; query to view the newly inserted records.


In this article, we explored the INSERT statement in SQL, which is essential for adding data to database tables. By practicing the hands-on tasks mentioned above, you can enhance your SQL skills and gain confidence in working with databases effectively.

Recap of Insert

Let us recap about INSERT statement as we are going to use it for batch loading.

  • We can either insert one record at a time or multiple records.
  • Inserting one record at a time is typically used for transaction-based use cases.
  • For batch processing, we typically try to insert multiple records at a time.
  • At times we might even consider native database utilities for batch loading into table. This process is also known as direct path load.

Watch the video tutorial here