Programming Essentials Python - CRUD Operations - Deleting Data From Table

Crafting the Perfect SQL Query

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In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of crafting the perfect SQL query by focusing on the DELETE statement. We will explore how data can be efficiently deleted from a table using SQL, with a specific emphasis on the WHERE clause and indexed columns for performance optimization.

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The accompanying video sheds light on the practical implementation of the DELETE statement in SQL queries. It complements the text by demonstrating the execution of queries, making it easier for viewers to apply the concepts discussed in the article.

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Deleting Data from Table

Let us understand how data is deleted using DELETE statement.

  • Delete statement will have an optional WHERE clause, where we specify the condition to filter for rows that need to be deleted.
  • As part of the WHERE clause, we generally use an indexed column for performance reasons.


DELETE FROM users WHERE user_password IS NULL OR user_id = 4

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  1. Execute the DELETE statement with a WHERE clause to delete specific rows.
  2. Refactor the DELETE statement to include conditions based on indexed columns for performance optimization.


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Watch the video tutorial here