Programming Essentials Python - CRUD Operations - Update Existing Table Data

In this article, we will explore how to update existing data inside a table by performing update operations. We will cover the key concepts involved in updating data in a table using SQL commands.

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Key Concepts Explanation

Updating Data in a Table

To update data in a table, we typically use the UPDATE SQL command. There are two main clauses involved in the update operation:

  1. SET clause: This clause specifies the columns that need to be updated.
  2. WHERE clause: This clause is optional and is used to specify a condition to filter for rows that need to be updated. It is recommended to have an indexed column in the WHERE clause for performance reasons.

Code Example:

UPDATE users
    SET user_role = 'A'
WHERE user_id = 1

Hands-On Tasks

Here are some hands-on tasks that you can perform to practice updating data in a table:

  1. Update the user_role to ‘A’ for the user with user_id 1 in the users table.
  2. Perform the update operation for a different user_id in the users table.


In this article, we discussed how to update existing data in a table using SQL commands. Make sure to practice these concepts by executing the provided tasks and feel free to engage with the community for further learning and support.

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