Pyspark Executor Setting In CCA175

I am very new to this so if my question has any problem, I apologize first.

  1. How to set the pyspark parameter like executor-cores or executor-memory or conf spark.ui.port, I have search this and I only find link in below which suggest use NUMBER_OF_EXECUTORS, but I really don’t understand it(Seem like a paremeter)
    Tips: CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer examination

  2. Should I be familiar with cloudera manager and other configuration(like port number and other setting), cause right now I only train myself through ssh to itversity lab and use same setting every time with 20 question from and Arun sir 7 question(Sincerely thanks to them), which means I am very weak about the conf part.

3.Will CCA-175 exam ask to save my step(code) to a file(like save pyspark process to an executable python file which I have never practice that…), or they just check the output(Seems like it but want to confirm it cause I am too nervous…)

Some maybe stupid question, but I really need help, thanks in advance whomever reply it

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