Query on Hadoop Administrator certification


I can see 3 set of play lists for Hadoop Administrator certification in your youtube channel. Kindly let me know which one is more demanding out of all ahown below:

1).Hadoop Administration - Hortonworks - HDP 2.3.0 - AWS

2).Hadoop Administration - Hortonworks - HDP 2.3.0 - VM

3).Administration - Hadoop - Cloudera Hadoop on AWS


I recommend Hortonworks for Hadoop administration certification.

@itversity: any specific reason for Hortonwork? why not Cloudera?

HI All,

I found below commands being used inside cloudera VM to install mysql server and connector.
sudo yum install mysql-server
sudo yum install mysql-connector-java

But the above command are not working in my macbook terminal. Even though i managed to install mysql and downloaded the connector .Please advice how to install the connector.

Note : below link where i have downloaded the connector.


HDPCA (Hortonworks) is subjective and they also provide practice exam.

CCAH (Cloudera) is objective.

Hi Itversity Team,

is the playlist “Hadoop Administration - Hortonworks - HDP 2.3.0 - AWS” still the most relevant recording for Hortonworks Administration Certification. AWS has gone through fair few changes since then hence would the LAB environment in exam reflect what is in this recordings or the latest interfaces and different service options.