Quickstart-vm 5.10 not powering on

By the way I come across an issue while I am trying to power on Cloudera Quickstart VM 5.10 image through the VMware workstation 10.0.

" Vix: [13856 foundryVMPowerOps.c:6004]: Error VIX_E_HOST_TCP_SOCKET_ERROR in FoundryVMOpenSocketToVMXThroughAuthd(): unable to contact authd: Failed to read vmware-authd port number: Cannot connect to VMX: C:\Users\nares\quickstart-vm-5.10.0-0\cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.10.0-0-vmware.vmx "

Can any one help me to resolve the issue.
my PC has 16 GB ram, and tried to give 8 GB & tried with 4 GB also, but no luck.
it is i7 - 2 core cpu.

Do you have firewalls on your PC?

Enabled the firewall to allowed the VM ware app through it.
does it Network adapter related issue ?