Repo Files Copy Fails on EC2


Can you please let me know if i’m missing anything here :-

i have set up yum repositories hdp.repo & ambari.repo on one of my node and yum repolist works perfectly.
when i try copying this across, i get an error message - connection lost - this is on AWS.

Please do let me know the feasible time to discuss on this -

Can you give more details on this?

Where you are trying to copy the files?
Check the below image it may be give some details on copying repo files in ec2

I have downloaded the repo files and have made necessary changes for setting up local YUM REPOSITORY.
now, when i’m trying to copy this HDP.REPO & AMBARI.REPO on to other nodes - it fails
quick team viewer session to demonstrate more clearly ?

@BaLu_SaI, set up teamviewer session and resolve the issue.

SSH PORT FORWARDING sorted this - i missed this step

Thanks a lot bala and ITVersity team for your support

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