Report question in Cloudera data analyst certification exam

I had question to write hive script to produce report. But location/file_name details were missing for the report.
Question: Create hive sql script file to create report (given cols and table details). All columns must be tab separated.

I wrote query to export report on HDFS location .
Insert overwrite directory ‘solution’ fields terminated by ‘\t’ select * from tab.
In test result I got Incorrect solution SQL comment.

What is the correct answer for this question?

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I failed the same question with same test result Incorrect solution SQL . I had two problems like this out of nine.

It is an odd problem cause, as you say, they do not request the creation of a table or a file on hdfs, where normally you would have a field separator. So it seems that buy running the .sql file you should get an output on the terminal with the requested fields and separator.

In the exam I used the function CONCAT_WS() with the list of fields and the separator ‘\t’ and it was incorrect.

I have been looking online for a solution but nothing.

I hope someone who succeeded the exam will reply…