Running cloudera using virtualbox


I am running virtual box on ubuntu 14.04 LTS. When i try to run cloudera vm version, i am unable to start it to the login screen. the system gets hanged after sometime. The hadoop proxy server also fails to start.

Please tell how to resolve this problem.

Thanking you

What is the memory configuration for virtual machine? Also let me know the memory, CPU and other configuration of laptop or desktop on which you are setting up this quickstart vm.

The memory configuration is 4096 base memory. external (laptop) memory is 4 gb. cpu is i5 5 generation. the snap is

We will not be able to support this configuration. You need to have at least 16 GB on your laptop and 8 to 10 GB has to be given to virtual machine.

With out that, your environment will behave weird and it is difficult for us to troubleshoot.

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