Running Spark/Scala commands in CCA certification

Hi Durga,

Could you please create a vedio on how to run the spark/scala commands using the shell script in CCA exam.I know there is alreadya vedio for running the .sh file for sqoop and hive…if you could please give the exact command,what we need to perform in the exam…please

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Hi Durga,

Firstly,thanks a ton for the videos!
I took the certification a day ago and couldn’t make it through.Though the questions were easy,I had no clue of how to run the .sh file after filling in the .py/.scala files.

I would be really grateful if you could throw some light on how to run the .sh files


@mike pls tell if the python and Scala code was in .sh file and we need to fill this .sh file with python and Scala as asked by them and execute it on command line. Or those were .py and .Scala files and we need to make .sh file from it and execute.

Hi Mike…Could you please share your email id …?

Hey N_Chakote, I’m sorry that I missed this message.

There were 2 files given. A .py file and a .sh file
we need to fill the the .py file and was asked to execute the .sh file and I didn’t know how to do it.

Hi Mike,Could you please share ur email id?..

Thanks Mike,
o we have fill u .py file for python question and execute it like spark-submit. For scala question .sh file to fill and execute it. Pls tell as I am little confused.