Scala, Eclipse and maven update issue

Has anyone using eclipse with scala and maven projects seen an issue where when you do a Maven -> Update Project that the src/main/scala package disappears and you are then required to access your code by drilling down. I added an after pic. Notice that package src/main/scala is gone after and there is need to drill down manually.

Anyone with this issue let me know.

Adding to this, my jar files that are created without a main class file now. I am using the maven-assembly-plugin to build a complete jar but main class is never included.

So I have gotten by this by creating a Scala Project only at the moment and then converting it a maven project. There is clearly a bug in eclipse but this will work. I have also downloaded the Scala IDE but have not used it yet as I have enough editors:

With the scala project, the maven update did not affect the package/build structure.