Service checks getting failed in Hive View & unable to run queries in Hive when launching through Ambari

Service checks getting failed when launching Hive view through Ambari.

Even I moved forward and tried to execute normal queries like show tables; then getting below exception.

E090 HDFS020 Could not write file /user/sivaee14/hive/jobs/hive-job-4023-2017-03-13_11-30/query.hql [HdfsApiException]

Pls resolve the issue ASAP.

@perraju @gnanaprakasam @itversity Pls look into the above issue.

@sivakumarg2009 - As work around you can lanuch “hive” in console
use sqoop_import_gsk

for testing purpose I have created table “t” and inserted one row.

Yes as of now practicing through console only.