Set up Scala in cloudera quick start VM


Please let me know how to set up in scala in the Cloudera Quick start VM. I type $Scala–version but there was no Scala in the VM.Also internet is not working on my VM. but it is working on my local laptop.
I download scala-2.12.1.tgz on my local laptop i tried to copy from File zila. I entered the IP address 127.0,0.1 user id cloudera password as cloudera and port 22 but still I am not able to connect cloudera VM from filezila.

also I looked in the packages also but could not find scala.

please help me


Hi Rajesh,

You can setup scala in your local system instead of Cloudera VM.You can practise Scala in your local system

When you launch spark-shell in VM it will open scala

Hello Rajesh,

You can link cloudera to your local laptop by using filezilla or winscp, but for this you have to change your network settings in cloudera vm, you need to set Host-only-Adapter then your ip address will be changed use new ip address as host and cloudera as username and password.