Setup Cloudera CDH on Virtual Box

Hello Folks,

I am a Newbie…

I Installed QuickStarts for CDH 5.8.
Virtual box has 2 CPU, 8GB RAM.
mysql and sqoop is available and running
When I try to start other services like hdfs , hive I am getting error. Failed to start Hadoop namenode. Return value: 1

Can you help me what I am missing here.

i had this problem once, restarting vm fixed it …

No luck Srini.

After installing CDH , do i need to manually start the Hadoop services?
Or those will be started automatically?

on CDH 5.8 all the required services are already configured to start automatically unless the Cloudera Enterprise is launched. once the Cloudera Enterprise is used all the services are to be started manually everytime the VM is restarted…

Thank you.

2 options given as Cloudera Express and Cloudera Enterprise(trial)
I am using Express.

even if you use Cloudera Express it will launch Cloudera Manager. Once the Cloudera Manager is launched, you have to take care of starting services everytime.

Cloudera Express includes a free version of Cloudera Manager. The Cloudera Enterprise version of Cloudera Manager provides additional functionality.

Thanks Sri. That helps.

When i start the HDFS service from Cloudera manager*Enterprise Trial version) I am getting the below errors,

Starting 1 roles on service

Service did not start successfully; not all of the required roles started: only 0/1 roles started. Reasons : Service has only 0 NameNode roles running instead of minimum required 1

Start this NameNode
Failed to start role.

Start a role
Supervisor returned FATAL. Please check the role log file, stderr, or stdout.