Snappy Compression is not supported in SQOOP

Hi All,

I was going through SQOOP section of CCA 175 course. I got to know that the new lab environment does not has snappy compression support. I also checked core-site.xml but there are there was no property for supported compression techniques. I followed along Durga’s video lecture to check supported compression algorithms.
Can anyone from itversity confirm whether we can use any other compression techniques other than gzip?


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Hi @Rishabh_Tiwari

Sqoop is not the part of latest certification you can ignore this module. Go through this link.

As far as I remember our Admins or instructor said that compression codecs are not required in core-site.xml until or unless something is not working.

Our Admins have already tested them everything works fine. Please reply the command & error if you are facing some issue with this. so that we can reproduce the issue & help you in this.