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Hello Friends,
those who have cleared CCA 175 , can you guys help me regarding the spark question formats.
like , how difficult/lengthy/complex the queries are and as they have mentioned skeleton of codes will be available, how much code will be available and what exactly we have to fill ,what percent of the codes will be available in skeleton format.
please provide some other useful information regarding the certification too.

thank you in advance.

Hi @Avinash_Parida,

Spark questions are not trivial, little bit logical. In summary to say, those questions are meant for us to understand Spark API. Coming to skeleton code, what ever the blanks are left to fill, needs to be attempted.
To explain in english, just ‘fill in the blanks’ i say. After filling the blanks, the sentence will be completed. In the same way, after filling necessary blanks the spark program will complete. [quote=“Avinash_Parida, post:1, topic:1267”]
how difficult/lengthy/complex the queries are

How well are you able solve any problem (under scope of syllabus) with help of Spark API? is the answer for above quote.

Thank you Ravi :slight_smile: .
this boosts my morale a bit .

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All the best :slight_smile: