Spark-scala Environment in Windows


I have gone through environment setup videos for building scala based project and then shipping the jar to the cluster. My os is windows. Can I download the software : eclipse with maven, sbt appropriate to windows. What terminal I am supposed to use for integrating sbt with eclipse. CMD ?

Thanks in Advance

@gnanaprakasam, do you have experience setting up spark scala on Windows?

I dont have. I am new to these technologies.


are you referring to ITVersity terminal? if so,


  1. if you are planning for certification… , installing Eclipse, Maven, SBT, etc in windows is not required…
  2. if you want to gain knowledge… you can install them in windows and practice
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@pramodvspk - No promod, initially I have started later moved to MAC setup.

Guys This should help!! Setup scala and SBT

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Is it possible to install these software the way it is done on mac ?

I want to know the working environment. so Is it possible to install these software on windows in the same way it is done on mac ?

yes, you can follow those video from ITVersity explained for mac… it is 99% resemble to windows

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