Spark-shell in CCA175

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I’m writing to clarify a clarify a doubt on CCA175 exam which is impending. I’ve prepared for scala as my primary programming language (using Gadiraju sir’s videos on Udemy). However, as part of the exam, if I’m provided with a python template, then can i execute my commands on spark-shell and produce the output? Or do i need to create a new file with scala code and execute as part of the shell script provided?

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As far as i know in CCA 175 exam, there is no more template provided in Python or Scala. 8 to 10 problems will be provided and you can select either Scala or Python as a programming language.The main intention is not to test your programming skills in Python or Scala, but to test the Spark skills.

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No templates will be provided.
They will give input file details, then a few bullet points about how to save your output (like formatting, compression, delimiters, columns, and what computation you need to do). Its up to you how you want to solve the question.

I would advise you to use either data frames or spark sql, which are time efficient rather than using RDD APIs

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