Sqoop Import as parquet file

when we import data through sqoop --as-parquetfile then the date/timestamp column values gets saved as bigint.

if we get a question to create a hive table on that file, can we declare the hive table column as bigint? in this case when we fetch data it wont show the particular column as date(it will be in bigint form)

Can you provide the steps/script you are using?

1.Import orders table through sqoop as parquet.
2. Create a hive table stored as Parquet on the data imported though sqoop.

The orders table contains a date column and when sqoop saves the file as parquet then it changes the date field to “bigint”.

Now if we create a hive table on that data file then we will have to put the data type of date column as bigint then only it works.

—Of course we can use the from_unixtime and other date function to fetch the data in required date
format but the hive table column should be bigint then only it will show the data otherwise it shows null