Sqoop - insert a new record to Mysql table when this already exist (no update, no create from scratch)

Hi everyone,
I’m training on Sqoop for the exam HDPCD , well i have played with and i have a question. I have seen with the --exoport tool that is possible load a data in a RDBMS table when the table structure already exist . Besides we can also update the data within the table with --update-key. But i would like to know if is also possible insert a new record in an existing table without dropped it.

Something similar as we do with the option --append on the --import option that just add the new records in a file. I have been cheking the documentation but i dont see anything about it so i decide to ask to masters hahah thanks guys @itversity

Guys i already got it the solution is use the parameter --update-mode allowinsert so in this case I will update and also add new records in the table as we saw in the video tutorial from @itversity here