Sqoop tool vs CCA175 (python based)

I am following udemy course for CCA175(python based) exam but there is no mention of sqoop tool which i believe will be used within exam environment… how to fill this gap…would i need add-on sessions on top of current course i am enrolled to…

Hi @xyz111,

Sqoop1.4.7 is available in the labs.

thanks would you suggest how to get to it…within launcher not available… or is it working in the background… thanks…

Hi @xyz111,

Please take a look at


thanks …
how come itversity udemy course does not cover sqoop within content… this should have been covered if part of CCA175 exam…

@Ramesh1, Please look into this.

Hi @xyz111

Sqoop is not required for the latest CCA 175 exam. Please go through official page.& ITVersity CCA 175 Tips, Techniques and Resources Playlist

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I hope it helps.

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many thanks… helps…