Sqoop tutorial error append query

sqoop import --connect “jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/retail_db” --username=retail_dba --password=cloudera --table departments --target-dir /user/cloudera/sqoop_import/departments --append --where department_id > --outdir java_files

After running this query where i did nt gave the inverted commas for “where department_id” i got the following result

As you can see department id from 2-7 and 8000 are copied again,please ignore the last line 8000,TESTING as of now.
How can i remove these duplicate items?

I again ran the below command and i got 8000,TESTING which is correct as per the video.

sqoop import --connect “jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/retail_db” --username=retail_dba --password=cloudera --table departments --target-dir /user/cloudera/sqoop_import/departments --append --where "department_id >7 "–outdir java_files

You have to clean up and reload again.