Step 03 - Learn Scala - Developer

This is 3rd bi-weekly plan to prepare for CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification

Here is the plan for next 2 weeks

  • Setup development environment using Intellij and Scala
  • Understand REPL and basics of Scala programming
  • Classes, Case Classes, Objects
  • Collections
  • Writing Scala programs using JDBC
  • Getting started with Spark

Watch first 4 videos of this playlist

Hi sir,

Could you please provide me the link for downloading the ppt you are presenting for Scala by Jithinpuri.


Thanks for sending. I am not sure of How to open? I could see only ping,jpg,us files.


@Revathi_K - Click clone or Download link in GREEN color. Then click Download ZIP, after download you will see Slide folder -> day 1-> index.html



thanks for your reply.

i would like to take a print out of those slides which would be easy for me to go through.But i could see the slides in above format shown in image. could you help me on the same.

You have to open html file in the browser.

I don’t see any clone or download link.

@Rittika_Jindal - Please refer the below link.

I was looking for the same ppt. ThankU ! :slight_smile: