System Configuration for Cloudera VM

Hello All,

I am planning to buy a new laptop to practice Big Data using Cloudera VM. My current laptop with 6GB RAM is almost unresponsive to Cloudera VM.

I need some suggestions. I am planning to buy a Windows laptop with 16GB RAM, 7th Gen I7 Processor. Mac will be too costly for me. Please let me know if the above config will work. Also please let me know if having HDD or SSD storage matters. Anything else i need to consider while buying system.

Thanks in advance for help

Hi, a laptop with i7 Quadcore, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD will be good for installing cloudera VM

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I have laptop with i3 processor and 12GB RAM but vm is unresponsive or too slow like more than 30mins if I run any sqoop import command (even table has just 6 rows). If I upgrade RAM to 16GB, Will it be fast on i3 processor. Please advise.

Hi @raghu_ndp, as mentioned you might need a processor >= i5 for optimal performance.

Thanks @pramodvspk. I am using now.

I am planning to get i5 7th Gen-7200U Processor 12GB RAM,1TB Hard drive. Will it be good enough to handle Big data processing for a seamless performance or just about sufficient? Kindly advise ASAP, as I’m planning to take up the certification.

16GB RAM is good for a hadoop vm to run but you can manage it with 12GB . if you are getting a laptop with 12GB RAM out of the box. you can try getting a laptop with 8GB RAM and buy a 8GB RAM from outside add it to your laptop which would be cheaper with better performance. is also a good option.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually it comes only with 4GB RAM, I had to add another 8/16 to it. In terms of processor config, can i5 handle it comprehensively?

I think all the laptops don’t support 16GB in a single slot. you have to check on that. I would suggest you to get 2x8GB ram module which would be btr. 12Gb is also good if you dont have an option for 16GB.

Sure I’ll check on that. Can you suggest on the processor config?

i5 or i7 would be great depending upon your budget. Atleast i5 is recommended.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions Ravi.