Things to follow for CCA175 after getting lab

I have purchased the basic plan for big-data and want to practice for CCA175. Please let us know how to practice with own tasks and how can we get live support.

You can follow this playlist -

You can post the questions as and when they arise.

@itversity Hi, I am planning to purchase quarterly plan but before that I want to know one of the basic thing about cluster.I am aware about hadoop and worked on it by setting up plain vanila cluster in which we get the access of the virtual machine through VMware. While using virtual machine we can actually open browser, open multiple terminals inside that machine and we get the feeling of using machine having OS installed in it.
Also While watching the playlist provided by durga sir for CCA175 I could see him opening multiple terminals and browser window at the same time and this is what we are suppose to do in the exam also.

But while using bigdata-labs I could only see people using ssh or putty to get into that virtual machine.I am really wondering can’t I get into virtual machine like what is shown in the video series? I have seen people taking about using multiple terminals and switch between those while executing the job during exam. So I am really feeling it hard to understand that how do I get into the VM. Is it possible with bigdata-labs or not?

My question can be silly but I really want to see in a way how its provided on cloudera website about demo on CCA175 exam.

Thank you.

Even in the certification exam, you will be given remote desktop with linux gui. You have to launch linux terminal on that and execute the jobs, similar to connecting to the cluster using PC.

You are correct, you can use editors like sublime, eclipse, idea as well as launch multiple terminals on the remote desktop and run the programs.