Transition from Mainframe to Big Data through ITVersity

I would like to inform that I was able to make a transition into Big Data domain and land a job as Big Data Engineer. I am basically from mainframe background with 8 years of experience. I wanted to make a technology shift and move into Big Data domain. When I was searching for online resources, I stumbled upon ITversity you tube channel. After going through a few of the introductory videos, I got to know about Hadoop and Spark Developer training. I attended the one month paid course that ITversity offered in June and July 2016. Parallel to the course I started applying for Big Data Engineer jobs and got interview calls.

I could successfully clear the initial tech interview and then later client interviews through the knowledge I acquired here. The Hadoop and Spark Developer course, the telephonic conversations that I had with Mr. Durga Gadiraju and the detailed video tutorials in ITVersity channel helped me immensely in transitioning from a mainframe background into Big Data world. It took me 8 months time to learn the skills, make a transition and land a job in Big Data world - much of the credits go to ITversity channel and immense knowledge sharing that was offered by both the channel and course.

As of November, I joined Hadoop Data Transition team of one of the major US automobile company in Detroit. It’s quite an exciting atmosphere here to build further on the skills that I acquired through ITversity courses.

Thank you Durga and thank you ITversity.


How many hours did you have to put in each day to have complete transition from mainframe to bigdata technology… Any prerequisites like learning python/Scala before getting into Hadoop and spark developer course? Plz suggest I am a mainframe professional as well

@sumant_sarnad, there is no straight answer for it. Each individual’s learning capabilities are at different level. You need to start exploring and you will realize. It will take at least 200 hours of effort for mainframes professional to get enough skills.

@dgadiraju Sir, Do you have any paid courses available starting soon?

No, not yet, However, I am providing free self paced trainings.

Hi Keshav

I am also a Mainframe professional with 9.5 years experience and trying to switch to big data daveloper…could you please advise me your learning resource apart from Durga sir videos on youtube…just curious to know ur learning plan and hoping to follow the same…

Are you interested in Developer course or admin course? Based on that I will suggest.

Hi Durga sir ,

I’m planning to switch from my current domain to big data administrator, plz let me know learning plan or tutorials from itversity,thank you .


Here is the topic - Transitioning to Big Data administrator - preparation process


I am a mainframe professional having 3.8 years of experience in devlopemnet and production support projects, mostly production support projects solving production issues and code fixes and small enhancements. I want to change my technology into something new as big data engineer.
could you please guide me how to start , what all I need to start and when.

Thanks in advance,