Unable to Access Big Data lab


I paid via PayPal for the student subscription today.
I have signup Big Data Lab using my university email : timilsinap@hawks.rockhurst.edu
I am unable to access the lab.
Would you please resolve the issue?

Thank You

Access is granted. Just login and complete the sign up process.

I am able to login but in console I can enter user name but I cant enter passpord. I tried typing password as well as clicking right corner password button to paste it. It didn’t work.

The right corner button for password is inactive as well the area where password can be type is irresponsive ie I can’t type password. Then login: timeout after 60 seconds.

@Pratap16 You can’t see the password by pasting or typing in console.After clicking on Key which is in right corner past it by using shift + insert. Then hit enter.You have to click on the screen after copying the password.Before hitting shift+insert make shore cursor need to be filled or bold.

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Thank You for instructions. I just logged in…