Unable to create lab user after payment

I have signed up and made payment today. After making payment, I am not able create the username. After putting the username, it keeps rolling for creating for long time but does not create the username. I am chrome browser.

Kindly look into this. My email id for sign in is nikhilchakote@gmail.com



   You can close the browser and login again and run the console. It will work, i also faced the same problem

Thanks ramkumar,

But after logging again it is not opening the page for console, it asking for create user. I tried closing and opening the browser and also tried using different computer also but it is happening the same.

Can you try again and share the screenshot if it does not work? What is the user name you are using to create?

I have registered for Big Data Lab by paying 1 month fees
I clicked on Create User link and was waiting for next step to perform however, the create user was processing for almost 10 minutes. basically, it was not creating user for almost 10 minutes hence I refreshed the page.

after I refreshed the page, surprisingly the user was created.
I followed the process and pasted the password but I am not able to login it says “In correct Login”

my username is “sumeetraheja” , could you please check if it got created or not ? and how i should login

I am able to log in now …you can close this call


Thank you for reply.

I have tried again, but same issue persists. I am trying by username nikkhiel24.
pls see attached screenshot

Don’t close the browser while performance wheel is rotating. Just Refresh the page.

Thanks @BaLu_SaI. I did the same but it again ask to create username and same thing continues.

Try now. After pressing on “Create User” if the page is not directed with in 30 seconds, just refresh.

Thanks you sir for help, It is working now.