Unable to create lab user after successful payment

After sign up and successful payment first time it shows my default user name ‘krnpatel88’ but when i click on create user it show user name not available. or in title bar it shows labs loosing connection.
Please guide.

@krnpatel88 Your user name is not created. After clicking create user if the performance wheel is running for long please refresh the page. Then you will get home page with your credentials. If not coming logout from labs.itversity.com clear any cache about itversity.com and try as above i said. Still problem persist let us know.

I did as per your suggestion. still same issue, when i click on create user it say’s selected username not available and simply disable create user button. nothing else.

@krnpatel88 Refresh the page and check.If it not worked Sign out from labs.itversity.com clear cache ,close and open the browser, Then try by login again.Use chrome or firefox browsers to login.

After refresh it shows given below page. and logged out.

I tried exactly as suggested by you but still i am getting this issue.

I am also facing the same issue . After successful payment , am not able to create user .
Attached is the screen shot , where in when we click the create user button it says ‘User not available’. Tried changing to different username and still the same error . Please help on this

I am also facing the same issue after successful payment. Please help on creating a new user.

@Pratha @naveen_pa Issue got resolved. clear your browser cache then login to labs.itversity.com. Create lab userid. Let me know if issue still persist. Mark solved if you are out of issue.

Works fine now. Thank You!

Thanks it works now .

Try now. Latest upgrade have caused the issue, we rolled it back and it is back to normal.